Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Holy Grail: Quick and Crispy Sourdough Waffles

Crispy Waffles
 These are delicious! I mentioned I've been looking for some sourdough waffle recipes that aren't too sour and not too unhealthy. I found it. This one uses no butter and is fantastic and it only takes a few minutes to make. For the recipe, see the Pancake Recipe on Wild Yeast. I exchanged the maple syrup for honey, I used a combination of white and whole wheat starter (about 50/50) and I added a tiny bit of skim milk in order to make the batter a little easier to spoon into the waffle maker. The waffles were extra crispy (although I changed the timing on them to make them that way--approximately doubling the time they were in the waffle maker) and I cut the waffle recipe in half. It made about 3 servings with the half recipe. Enjoy!

Note: 03/07/12: I made these as pancakes the other day as well. They were terrific. I hope everyone with a sourdough starter tries this recipe either as waffles or pancakes.

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