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Bread Making 083
Photocredit: Catullus II

In progress...

I am working on a new format for my recipes inspired by the recipe box from Frieda Loves Bread. Coming soon. You can view the in-progress version here

For a while my website was essentially a cooking blog. I love food-blogging, but it forces me to eat and make a lot of food, which seems to be more and more complicated because of a combination of the weather where I am living and its effect on bread, the fact that I'm not in school and can less easily find people to whom to bequeath the food when there is too much for me to eat alone, the difficulty of cleaning the current kitchen I am using, and that excessive food (which can be a biproduct of tasting during the cooking process)is something that I from which I am trying to abstain. However, I still love cooking and recipes so I am making an archive here that I will add to and update periodically, as well as featuring recipes on my blog.

If you cannot find a recipe here that you remember me featuring on my blog, then use the Google search bar on the side of my blog (right underneath the widget that shows that I am reading) and search for the name of the dish. I do not update this page as frequently as I would like so sometimes there is a lagtime between a posting a recipe on my blog and adding it to the recipes page.

If you try any of the recipes and want to give feedback or suggest modifications, you can either leave it in a comment on this page or on the pages on which the recipes were originally featured. Enjoy!




  1. For some reason I can't find your blondie recipe on the blog, and I want to make them...can you send me a link? Thanks :)