Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whole Wheat Success

Whole Wheat Batard
I got some new Bannetons for the holidays so I decided to make some wonderful loaves of Tartine 70% Whole Wheat. The flavor is absolutely fantastic. I simply don't understand people who dislike whole wheat bread. The taste is complex and hearty with subtle hints of sweetness and nuttiness. Yum.

Part of the Triumph here is that the last few times I made it I overproofed it during the bulk rise. I guess I just wasn't watching the time carefuly enough. This one was perfectly proofed . All the same, it's lovely and the loaf bloomed fantastically in the oven. This is the most fantastic whole wheat loaf I have ever made. It is beautiful and tasty.

The other loaf was a boule, and I must have over-handledit because it was not quite as perfect:

If only my school work could be that successful...


  1. Can I have bread lessons too? Beautiful bread. I've been trying different whole wheat bread recipes lately but none that look like this! My first visit and I will be back :)

  2. Thanks! It took me a while to get this recipe right, but now it's one of my favorites. Good luck with your whole wheat quest...it's very rewarding.