Monday, August 20, 2012

Too Hot for Bread


It has been too hot for bread over the last two weeks. The heat is ridiculous and I never want to turn on my oven. However, I have a bunch of sourdough starter languishing in the refridgerator. So I decided to make waffles.

Recently I've been on a big waffle kick. I started over the last 4 months or so making waffles on the weekends with my sourdough starter using a slightly modified version of this recipe from Wild Yeast. I usually half the recipe when I'm just making waffles for two people, but this time I doubled the recipe and made enough waffles to store in the freezer and toast whenever I wanted a nice crispy waffle. They are delicious!

Waffles on the Cooling Rack

Recipe for Sourdough Toaster Waffles:
  1. Make sure your sourdough starter is viable but also that it is young and sweet smelling like overripe fruit. If it smells wine-y or vinigar-y, your waffles will taste like vinegar. If it is not young smelling, refresh it and leave it out on the counter for a few hours until it's ready.
  2. Heat a waffle iron and grease it (I use a small amount of spray canola oil)
  3. Follow the Wild Yeast pancake batter recipe (I put in 2 tbsp of honey instead of maple syrup and I made the waffles half with whole wheat starter). The batter should be slightly thinner than muffin batter but thicker than crepe batter. I usually have to add a couple of splashes of nonfat milk to achieve my desired consistency. If you want a large stash, double the recipe.
  4. Ladle in enough batter for one waffle.
  5. Cook until it is cooked through, but not until it is crispy.
  6. Take out and let the waffle cool completely. Repeat this process until all of the batter is used up.
  7. Place the cooled waffles in freezer bags (air tight) and remove all excess air from the bag.
  8. Throw them in the freezer and stick them into your toaster as needed!
Bag of cooled waffles for the freezer

I have been really enjoying them. I'm planning on trying sourdough crumpets before the heat dies down.


  1. These looks so great, I've got to get out and find a waffle maker!

    1. Definitely. They are really delicious and I've been playing around with white whole wheat flour which makes them healthier than the white but lighter than the red whole wheat.

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm just found one more hiding in the freezer...breakfast!