Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to Procrastinate Like a Winner

As I've mentioned previously, I tutor a few different high school students. One of my students is a very talented artist. She sometimes sketches while we're talking and I've seen the oil paintings she does in art class-- they're really amazing. Since she's a primarily visual learner, she decided to make a visual study guide for her history final (instead of writing her English paper as she was supposed to). I'd never seen her comics before, because I've only seen her doodles (portraits) and her art projects from classes, but I think she has a promising comic style (the drawings are consistant and she's quite witty).

Just to give you a taste:
The rest of the comics can be viewed here.

Unfortunately, for the grand tradition of academic comics (such as the Introducing Series, etc), she wants to be a doctor. Maybe she'll write Introducing Bioethics.

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