Tuesday, August 27, 2013

High Extraction Bread from SFBI

I am a big fan of high extraction flour (also known as first clear). This flour is hard to come by in the United States (at least where I am). To turn whole wheat flour into white flour it is sifted twice to remove the bran and germ from the endosperm. White flour is 72-75%, meaning that only the starchy endosperm (the largest part of the wheat kernel) is retained. Extraction above that (retaining more than 75% of the grain) retains some of the germ and bran up to 100% extraction which is whole wheat flour. High extraction flour (at least the type I have) retains the germ but is sifted of most of the bran and it's about 82% extraction.

While I have used high extraction flour (which I could only find it to order) in many different breads, I've only made one entirely high extraction bread. It was not sufficiently proofed and it took an incredible amount of work. I've been looking for a slightly easier version of a similar bread.

Fortunately, SFBI posted a video and formula for just such a bread. I will be trying it out soon (although I'll be scaling down the recipe).


  1. Do you know the exact weight per cup of this flour, sifted? Interesting, would like to order it on Amazon. Could you measure this flour very-accurately for me?

    Just had delivered two large books, from TX to Au.; Isis Unveiled (the most favorite Einstein's book apparently) and The Secret Doctrine, both by Madame Blavatsky - you probably will know these books already.

    1. I measured the flour-- it's 125g per cup by my scale. It's pretty finely ground so I didn't sift it (it's already sifted of most of the bran). It's good flour-- it has a nice rich flavor. It does have an odd smell, but so does all first clear flour that I've encountered (I originally got a small package from King Arthur Flour).

      I've heard of The Secret Doctrine before, although I don't know much about it. I haven't encountered Isis Unveiled, but I just looked them up on Amazon and they look quite interesting.