Sunday, January 17, 2010


I've been up at school in my apartment for a few days. Cerinthus has been fabulously wonderful and sweet. My thesis-- not so much. I haven't gotten to work on it at all, partially due to time constraints, partially due to my own laziness.

Cerinthus is beginning an architectural blog at my urging. He met a woman on the train who asked him if he had a card yet (although he's still in college he's been working for something like 5 summers now for different architectural firms. He started as an assistant, but started doing design work). He didn't, so he gave the woman his name and email address. I suggested that he start a blog to show off some of his architectural designs and link to the type of architecture in which he is interested. I might post a link when he gets the blog up and running.

Since the beginning of this last semester, I have been running a study group on Heidegger on Friday nights. The study group is named Being and Conference, after the text Being and Time, the book which we are reading and discussing. The conference is fun and productive. We have even had a couple of professors make guest appearances. It's been really nice. This week I'm running a Kierkegaard conference on Fear and Trembling starting tomorrow. I'm worried about this because it is much more spiritual than Heidegger and seems like it might be more difficult to discuss.

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