Monday, August 8, 2011

Prioritizing Intellectual Projects

I only have a few weeks of summer left. I have to start prioritizing my intellectual projects. It seems I have had a number of weeks the seemed to evaporate with little progress at all. However there are a number of things that I simply must do before I finish the summer.
  1. Review my Greek Grammar and vocabulary in Hansen & Quinn.
  2. Review my Latin Grammar and vocabulary in Moreland & Fleischer.
  3. Finish the Crito.
  4. Read more Homer.
  5. Finish the Medea.
  6. Write a draft of my personal statement.
  7. Work on thesis revisions (for graduate school writing sample).
This means that a lot of other endeavors will fall by the wayside including Xenephon, Infinite Jest, most of the works on my reading list, re-vitalizing my French, etc (although some short lived things I may do just for fun now and then).

I have only seven weeks to prepare for my Greek and Latin exams (to get into the classes I desire). Wish me luck!

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