Monday, April 2, 2012

Bread: Back After a Short Respite

Spirally Loaf!
So I have been on a bit of a bread hiatus because of finals and then not being home much over spring break because I was catching up with friends. I am really sad that a lot of these people are going off to different places at the end of this year. But I will enjoy the time that is left. Anyway, I made up for it by making some loaves yesterday. I baked the first three this morning and will bake the last two this afternoon.
Three Loaves: Norwich More-Sourdough

The first three were Susan from Wild Yeast's Norwich More-Sourdough with some modifications:
  • I used about 75% whole wheat sourdough starter (just using what I had around)
  • I substituted course-ground whole wheat for the course-ground rye
  • I added about 50g water (up to 610g) and then splashed in a little extra when the Kitchen Aid didn't seem to like the stiff dough, so maybe up to 640g all together.
  • I added in 40g of wheat germ and 10g oat bran
  • I also readjusted the timing, because the temperature in my kitchen is 70 degrees F instead of 76 degrees F.
  • I added one extra stretch-and-fold during the bulk fermentation
This set of loaves is magically delicious. Maybe it's just because I haven't had homemade bread in two weeks. Feast your eyes. More to come...
Spirally loaf (Loaf #1)
Loaf #2
Loaf #2
Crumb of Loaf #1, tight but not bad.
Loaf #3 (scoring experiment)
I am hosting my next bread lesson this Saturday. I think we are going to make spelt ciabatta, pumpernickel, and croissants. Yum!

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