Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Marvels of Stone

Servia bought some stone over the last week or so. The stone is fantastic. I finally took advantage of some of it today because I made some bread that required vigorous kneading and could not be done in the Kitchen Aid. It is the Polaine Miche which is made out of very temperamental first clear flour so I am still crossing my fingers that it will bake well tomorrow morning. But for now, check out the stone.
Granite slab for kneading
 Since we have tile in the kitchen and a finished wooden kitchen table, kneading was not a very feasible option. With this gigantic granite slab, I can now knead without making a mess. This is awesome and I really like kneading by hand. However, the bread took 20 minutes to pass the window pane test instead of 12-15 so I got really tired.
Cheese Plates
 Seriva also bought some small bits of stone for cheese plates. Granite (left) and beautiful onyx (right) are wonderfully colorful and awesome cheese plates. They will also keep the cheeses fairly cool.
Slate baking slab

My cooking stones are actually quite small which limits the size of the pizzas that I can make. I have one cheap oven stone and one 12"x12" piece of marble that was my first baking stone. So, as a surprise, Servia bought a 16"x16" piece of slate so we can make bigger ones. I'm super excited, especially since Egnatius and a family friend and I are going to make fresh mozzarella to put on the pizza.

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