Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thought it was over already?

So I thought the application process was over and now it would just be waiting to hear from graduate schools.


It turns out this was a problematic assumption. Transcripts seem to have vanished into thin air on the way to a number of my schools. I finally had to fed-ex some to one of the schools because they are making their decisions next week. Seriously, this is insane.

I did a lot of things wrong during this process, and now I know better. Maybe I'll post some helpful hints for others once it's all over.

Now that I've sorted about half of these problems out, I am going to go back to making and posting about bread and other wonderful tasty things.

An artsy photo of the grain mill surrounded by King Arthur Flour
One last thing: I was given a wonderful hand-crank grain grinder for Christmas. It's totally awesome, and I've found that with some of the fancier grains, it's a lot less expensive to grind your own flour. I've only made one loaf with hand ground flour, but it was pretty cool. However, I can't secure the grain grinder to the table because the power needed to work the hand-mill is simply too much for my table. If anyone has any ideas on how to build a solid workbench, that would be awesome. More news on the mill soon!

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