Saturday, September 4, 2010

Heavenly Whole Wheat Sourdough

From time to time at the Trader Joe's near me, there is a heavenly bread called the Pain Pascal's Organic Demi-Miche. The bread is fantastic: it's soft and fluffy on the inside, has a lovely mellow sour flavor, and is surrounded by a crunchy brown crust. It goes extremely well with creamy brie. It claims to be made up of only whole wheat flour, water, and salt. How is this possible? When I made whole wheat bread, and especially sourdough whole wheat, I had to put some honey into the dough in order to bring out the flavors. Is it possible to make a lovely, fluffy whole wheat sourdough like this at home?

I must confess, I have not been baking any bread. My poor attempts in this dry weather (103 degrees today and totally parched), have drained my enthusiasm for baking bread. However, if there were even some chance that I could make bread like this with just those three ingredients I would hurry back to the kitchen the second the temperature goes down. I just cannot figure out how they do it...

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