Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thoughts on Prehistoric Mammals

After my German class this morning, I sat and enjoyed a cup of tea on the porch with Servia. We discussed some science news that she had been reading. One of the articles she read was about a gigantic rabbit species found on an island near Spain. The rabbits are almost unrecognizable as such from the depiction in National Geographic. From there, we branched out more generally into a discussion to prehistoric island species and specifically the pigmy mammoth. Apparently, there were two entirely different types of pigmy mammoth. One was the mammoths of the channel islands, which were much like small elephants. There were also small woolly mammoths that remained in islands near the arctic. While I was reading up on this clarification, I found that there is a depiction of a mammoth from Egypt and some thought that it might be one of the Siberian mammoths or possibly even a mammoth similar to thoseof the channel islands that were found on Mediterranean islands.

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