Monday, June 27, 2011

Wine Snob: SuGaSy

A few years ago, through Garagiste, my family discovered an adorable Washington winery called Wines of Substance.The website is incredibly adorable I suggest you check it out. The winery bases its design on the periodic table of elements. Each wine is assigned a two-letter moniker, e.g. Cf for Cabernet Franc. I remember we had a lovely Pino Gris from there a few years ago-- light and mildly fruit without being sweet. We also liked one of their red wiens, but I cannot remember which one.

Garagiste's wine of 2010, the 2008 SuGaSy from Wines of Substance, was chosen on the basis of it being a revenue-raising wine for various charities. We tried the wine last night when my dad's friend came over for dinner. The wine was a reserve Syrah and was great. It was a dark purple wine with a rather sour smell at first, but after an hour of decanting the smell relaxed into a mix of garam masala and earth.The wine was bright and warm, but it was the warmth sun rays through tree leaves and light enough to be paired with a light summer pasta dish. The tannins were delicately balanced. The flavors were mildly nutty with garlic and just a pinch of white pepper. Yum.

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