Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Smell of Bread in the Morning

Early-Morning Bread
I got up early to bake bread this morning, so Servia woke up to the smell of  a crust caramelizing on a (mostly) whole wheat loaf. I went back to sleep while the oven was heating, but after I put the bread in, I drank a cup of tea and went over my Greek flash cards.
The reason that I got up so early to bake bread was that I went to my morning step-aerobics class at the gym. It's been a couple weeks, as I had a cold, and so I was really out of shape. As tiring as it was, I came back to a wonderful loaf of healthy-ish bread that tasted heavenly and the crazy dance moves and hundred or so sit-ups didn't seem so bad.
Post-Workout Snack
I think this is the most open crumb of all of my attempts at the Tartine Whole Wheat Country loaf. It's not like the one posted by txfarmer,  but I think that is partially due to my shaping/scoring difficulties. Although I've been baking bread for almost two full years now, I'm still a neophyte.


  1. This looks perfect to me. I love the early morning, but I'm guessing it would be even better accompanied by the smell of this bread. Lucky Servia!

  2. The bread did smell (and taste) amazing. The whole wheat breads smell especially good...I am not sure about the reason behind that. I might even be converted into a morning person if I were able to bake bread more regularly in the mornings, but the three of us can only assume a certain amount of bread per week and I have lots of school work, which sadly prevent me from this.

  3. 'though lacking sufficient sleep, that glorious scent promised an exquisite, warm loaf and made my morning surprisingly delightful!