Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pie Crusts

So I have been making a bunch of pies lately. In a previous blogpost on apple pie, I asked for anyone to provide homemade pie-crust tips. Recently, we tried a premade vegan pie crust, which was difficult to work with and flavorless. Today, I found a New York Times article about pie, which led me to one about pie crust. Sweet timing since I made two more pies tonight. Unfortunately, due to a phone malfunction, we did not have enough flour to actually try this. However, next time we will try one of these recipes (although not the one with lard).

The video can also be found here.
A question-and-answer that goes with the video is also found here. One thing I disagree with the expert on is the manner of pre-baking the crust. I used to prebake my pie crusts, but found (as did my mother) that this does not keep the bottom crust from disappearing with an apple pie, because there is so much juice from the apples. My tip, would be to sprinkle a little bit of flour on the pan before placing the pie crust in the pan and then sprinkle some more flour on top of the crust before placing the apples. I'm not the expert, but I know what works for me.

To all of those in the US, have a wonderful and pie-filled Thanksgiving. For anyone outside the US, make a pie anyway! Pies are great.

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