Saturday, March 26, 2011

Surprise: Tartine Bread

I first heard about Tartine Bread when it popped up on my Amazon recommendations because I had been looking at bread books. As it turns out, Servia also found the book seperately. I didn't think much of it until she sent me this video which was a fabulous advertisement for the book.

This week, at least two of the breads on Yeast Spotting were from Tartine Bread, so I mentioned to Servia the amazing reviews. She left my room and returned with a copy of the book. Apparently, while I was up at my Alma Mater she bought the book and had planned to bake a loaf to show men when I got home, but had so much trouble with her knee that she ended up spending her time reading the book at the doctor's office instead of baking bread.
Anyway, we now have a copy of the book and I plan to bake a loaf from it. I will report.

For now, there were three loaves that encouraged me (all from the book): the traditional country bread, one with spelt flour, and one with full pictures.

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