Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My Little Croissant!
After 4 days of labor (I slowed down the process so I did not have to commit as much time each day) I have finally achieved croissants! And the best part is that they're great! Light and fluffy on the inside and amber-colored and flaky on the outside: just like they are supposed to be.

The first time I made croissants, they peeled off layer by layer, but they were not fluffy and light in the same way. Cerinthus said "they're not bad, but they're not croissants." Even Cerinthus would have to admit that these are croissants. Sure, they don't have the perfect honeycomb crumb, but they still look and taste as ordered:
Light and Fluffy Interior
Crumb-- a better photo
I posted the croissant recipe here. This is the halfed recipe from Tartine Bread.


  1. I am vicariously enjoying these...I think if you can make croissants you can make anything.

  2. It's funny; the croissants took forever but they are actually fairly easy to make if one follows the procedure. I find that the delicacy and intuition with sourdough artisan loaves makes them much harder than croissants.

    If you guys end up here at any point I will make sure I make some for you. Even my half recipe made about 20 small croissants.

  3. I think you should fill some with chocolate!