Friday, January 28, 2011

At the Airport

My flight was delayed. Not for very long, but it provided me with a few minutes to write. Around me sat a variety of businessmen (I am including women in this term). Although most were not dressed in formal suits and ties, all of them had collared shirts and slacks and are on either a computer or a cellphone or both. Most of the deals around me seem to be last-minute financial negotiations before the boardroom or conference table. A sweet looking woman in her mid-40s in designer camel and with the last vestiges of a Southern drawl was changing fees or profit margins by 5% in order to payback or recoup some $300,000 that presumably she had spent to start the company or keep it afloat. A tall and lanky man in his early 30s with hair just longer than the traditional business-style and a gray suit jacket thrown jauntily over his shoulder in a manner clearly attempting to convey an off-beat attitude flirted with two women from his company.

I arrived safely at my Alma Mater and have spent the time enjoying my old friends, the local cuisine, and long walks in the cool weather. I will be back to posting soon. TTFN.

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