Friday, December 30, 2011

Dry(ish) Dough Success

I made a version of Wild Yeast's Norwich More Sour Sourdough again. I was determined to get it right this time. So I only added 35 grams of water extra. I mixed it together with the normal head on the Kitchen Aid instead of the dough hook and saved the dough hook for kneading process. However, the Kitchen Aid seemed to be having a lot of trouble kneading the dough so I added another 50g of water and it seemed to work out much better.
Loaf One
I've noticed I have an impossible time walking away from the Kitchen Aid while it's mixing or kneading. I like that it doesn't make a mess, but I just feel like I can't leave the baking process. I guess old habits are hard to break.
Loafs Two and Three
The bread turned out beautifully. Really stunning. My only complaint is that it tastes a little more like store-bought bread than my usually fare. Obviously it's much fresher than it would be in a store and no commercial yeast and a little added whole wheat for flavor, but it doesn't have the same depth of flavor that for example the Tartine Loaf has or even that of my own easy sourdough.
Loaf and Mini Loaf
I also made a couple of the mini loaves (see above and below). They were silly but really cute.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Those mini loaves are incredible...for the fairies!
    I'm hoping I can get a few lessons when I'm visiting...

  2. Yeah the mini loaves were really cool. I am surprised they turned out as well as they did. It was fun making them.

    I would love to give you some bread lessons. It's a lot of fun!