Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Cheer

It's really beginning to feel like the holidays. We're sending a bunch of stuff off to the post office today so that our relatives get their gifts on time. It's been a couple of days that I might describe with one of Sallust's favorite words...asperae dies...but things are looking up.
  • We now have a live Christmas tree (and yes, I mean live, as in still-living. We plant them in our yard, although this one is small enough that we can probably re-pot it and prune it for next year before it retires to the yard).
  • Cerinthus is coming tonight
  • There is some lovely sourdough in the refrigerator so that I can bake it right before Cerinthus gets in and the house will smell like fresh bread
  • My room is (almost) clean
  • We've brought some decorations up from the garage.
Happy holidays, everyone.

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