Thursday, December 2, 2010

At My Favorite Coffee Shop...

I am back at my favorite coffee shop. Yum. Since I described it in a blogpost this summer, it has changed a little bit. The kids playpen, instead of being a chaotic corner of brio is now enclosed by a counterspace and tall chairs that allow parents to sit on the outside and watch their children playing within. There are no children playing there right now, which is surprising from my memories of the afternoons at this coffee shop, but they probably have plenty of kids on the weekends.

There is another person from my Alma Mater sitting in here writing a paper. He doesn't recognize me. It's stranger, I remember of all of the people that I saw regularly on campus but there is no glint of recognition from any of them. maybe I look different or maybe it's just easy to forget a face when you do not see it everyday.

The coffee shop is very quiet for lunch-time. Just a lot of people reading. I am sitting on a little elevated area that is new. As I look around, I remember the different times that I spent here. Over in one corner, next to the espresso machine I revised my Judith Butler presentation in the last few minutes before class. I remember how nervous I was-- and trying to understand some of the Derrida quoted in the footnotes at the last second before going down the hill to photocopy my handout.

I also remembered when I discovered that they made espresso milkshakes. I had three in a week and decided that I should not be eating all that ice cream and I have not had one since. They were fabulous while I had them.

It is sunny and beautiful here (although cold). I should leave the confines of my beloved coffee shop soon and enjoy the day.

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