Monday, December 20, 2010

Picture Updates for Holiday Recipes (and Reviews)

Tonight I made the two sauces for the Gỏi Cuốn (from "Touch at Your Own Risk") and the blond brownies (from "How Early is Too Early for Holiday Cheer").

First, the Gỏi Cuốn:
The Spicy Sauce, with red chillies:
Spicy Sauce with seeds left in for extra heat.

The Sweet Peanut Sauce (using chunky peanut butter):
Peanut Sauce may look funny, but tastes great!

Then, the blond brownies:
Also, update, the blond brownies are excellent! They are very rich and much as I remember them as a child. Note: I used semi-sweet chocolate chips. This is great for dark chocolate and traditional chocolate chip cookie lovers. However, for those with a serious sweet tooth, substitute milk chocolate chips.

After Step 5:
The "wet" ingredients.

After Step 10:
Into the pan, hoping the aluminum foil works!

After Step 13:
Once it came out, cooked through.
After Step 13:
The foil pealed off easily once they cooled.

More Coming Soon!


  1. The brownies look amazing, I'm definitely going to make them. Love the photos!

  2. Thanks! Make sure the dough is not too warm when you add in the chocolate chips, otherwise they will start to melt. Mine was fine, but I did have one or two chocolate chips melt.

    Enjoy the brownies!