Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crisis-Averted Focaccia

Focaccia in an iron skillet
So while we had company here, we decided to make some of my semi-sourdough pizza crust and have everyone add their own toppings. My mom decided to help out, because I was making some other bread at the time. She forgot to measure the water and ended up with what appeared closer to sourdough soup than anything else. We estimate the volume she put in, weighed it, and recalculated the 68% hydration for the dough and estimated the rest. It was about 2.5 times the volume, so instead of making 6 pizzas there was enough dough for about 15. We made the pizzas for dinner-- they went like hotcakes-- and we froze most of the rest of the dough.
Two pieces of dough managed to escape the freezer, so we decided to make some focaccia. Servia got some rosemary from the garden, minced some garlic, and drizzled the bread with olive oil and a little garlic salt. After letting it rise for an hour, we baked the focaccia for 20 minutes in an iron skillet, the first 5 minutes under a pan lid to let it rise sufficiently in the oven. The focaccia seems to have made Servia feel a little bit better. The whole family seems to have come down with a cold or the flu. Even with my clogged sinuses, the roasting garlic smelled great.


  1. focaccia is the only bread I know how to make, but I never used a skillet. I imagine the sour-dough flavor must have been great with the rosemary, etc.

  2. The sourdough flavor was good, but it was very light because there was some commercial yeast in the dough. The skillet was just because I did not think I could slide the dough onto a baking stone easily.

    You should send me your focaccia recipe so I can try it out. I haven't made much in the way of focaccia except out of left-over pizza dough.