Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Paleontology: Whales in Egypt?

Egyptology News just posted this piece about how the largest whale skeleton in the world has been found-- in Egypt. I had no idea that Egypt used to be an ocean, but apparently palaeontologists have discovered 37 million old mangroves and whale and shark skeletons. Very cool. I have been reading The Alchemist at a pace of about 5 pages per day when I need to relax for a few moments. Just outside of the oasis in Egypt the main character finds a shell and realizes there must have once been an ocean there. It's very cool that the same ay as I read that moment in the story such a massive find has once again confirmed this fact.
The Alchemist
As a note, I made a pate fermente for Pain de Campagne tonight. I am hoping that it turns out the way that I remembed from baking it at my alma mater. I will post results.

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