Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blogs and Books

There seems to be something of a symbiotic relationship between blogs and books. I guess this probably springs from the fact that blogs are started by those who like to write and provide a way for an author to gain a following without attracting a publisher. When I first considered writing a blog, the first blogs that I came across were publishing blogs for aspiring writers, such as Rachelle Gardner's wonderful blog that attempts to guide writers through the maze of writing and publishing as well as Janet Fitch's blog which is a forum for Janet's short stories in between writing her novels.

The links between the book world and the blogging world run deeper than providing a platform for writers and those in the publishing business. Blogs allow the average individual to enjoy and review books, providing valuable information to their fellow readers. I also review books on both this blog and on Platonic Psychology from time-to-time. There are now websites that provide books for people to review. One I found today is called Book Sneeze. Any individual can apply to Book Sneeze to receive free books to review. At the moment, almost all of the books on Book Sneeze are Christian in theme. Does anyone know of a similar website with a broader range of books?

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