Monday, February 14, 2011

Updates and Valentines Day Fun

There is a chocolate cake post, a discussion of garlic, and a "Wine Snob" post in the works. I have been busier than usual recently with my new math class and various other obligations so I have not been positing as diligently as usual.

Tomorrow (or I guess later today) is Valentine's Day. Sadly, Cerinthus and I will be spending the first Valentine's Day apart in three years. Since I am at home, I get to witness the modern marvel: Servius cooking. My father does not cook. He burns toast and he once made me "scrambled eggs" that looked like they had been put through a  cheese grater. However, on Valentine's Day a few years ago he actually cooked Chicken Marsala for my mother...and she said it was good! He is going to cook the same dish again this year and I get to witness this highly unusual phenomenon. I love Chicken Marsala, so I am pretty excited.

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