Saturday, February 5, 2011

Three Teacup Chicken

I finally got with the times a few days ago and made myself an iGoogle account so I could see RSS feeds (not from blogger) in a convenient location. When I made the page, it asked me what my interests were, and I indicated various things, including cooking. Now, on my iGoogle page it provides two recipes each day for my viewing pleasure. This is excellent!

Excited about the recipes and unable to obtain the necessary Holy Basil for my Gai Pad Gra Pow, I decided to try out a dish that showed up on my iGoogle called Three Teacup Chicken. The only modifications to the recipe were forgoing the option anise and adding the optional dried red chili. I got out my barely-used wok that Cerinthus found someone giving away at the end of the last school year and set to work (with lots of help from Servia).
The chicken and "broth" in the wok
Brown jasmine rice.
The chicken and broth poured over the rice.

It was wonderful! We served the dish with jasmine brown rice and were both delighted with the result. I recommend it highly for anyone who likes Asian food: delightful, mildly spicy, and light but filling. Enjoy!

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