Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wine Snob: Girls in the Vinyard

We recently got a shipment from Garagiste. Some of the wines were recent mystery wines which I am very excited to try. The only wine we have tried from the set was not a mystery wine, it was a small vineyard's Cabernet Savignon called "The Girls in the Vineyard." This is the only commercial wine made by a grower named Rob McDonald. The rest of his wine is made out of the small vineyard in his front yard and is made mostly for friends. These grapes come from a vineyard in the lake country and the grapes are sustainably farmed. The "girls" are the vines and the name demonstrates the commitment to the grapes. The article from where I got all the information can be found here.
A Glass of Wine
Bottle + Glass
The wine was fabulous. It was a nice, light, Cabernet with a hint of fruitiness and was complex with a spicy and and a crisp and refreshing finish. The wine had an elegant balance to it, perfect by itself or with any food, and without the weight or syropiness of a typical Cabernet. The second day it had a slightly greater array of spices to it making it slightly warm on the tongue. I will updates this with a more detailed description with the next bottle. It has been about a week since I tried it. It can be found here.

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